About CCE Marine Program

Our waters are an integral part of life for us, making Long Island a desirable place to live. The Marine Program, which became part of CCE in 1985, is known and respected nationally and internationally. Its mission is to protect our waters, providing a clean environment for our fish, fowl and plants.Napeague June 2009 (5)

Our researchers and educators are busy working to inform Long Islanders how we can each do our part to safeguard our environment. Projects have been designed to bring back our once thriving eelgrass and shell fish populations, ensure our commercial fishing industry continues to thrive and be sustainable, provide public education about environmental consequences of storm water runoff, and introduce our young people to marine sciences and marine life on Long Island. There are also “citizen science” opportunities for the public to get involved with our work, includingbarge monitoring horseshoe crab populations, Marine Meadows habitat restoration workshops, and SPAT aquaculture classes where you can learn to raise your own oysters!

For more information on all of CCE’s Marine Program Research, Restoration and Citizen Science Programs, please visit CCESuffolk.org/Marine.

We also launched a new way for people to stay involved with our work by LEARNING, DOING, ENJOYING and GIVING BACK through our Back to the Bays Initiative. Throughout the year, there are fun and educational ways for people to give back to the bays by volunteering, takPeconic Community School 10-15-2015 (7)ing classes or enrolling in camp, attending concerts and fundraisers, all to benefit our local bays that we value so much. By becoming a Back to the Bays member, you get preferred choice tickets to any of our fundraising events and educational programs. To learn more, visit CCESuffolk.org/Marine/Back-to-the-Bays.

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